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GGJ Gæmz 2021

2021-03-25 - Press

[GGJ 2021] The Mold Exorcist

2021-01-30 - Game Jam

[GGJ 2021] PartyCraft

2021-01-30 - Game Jam

Black Mesa Further Data

2020-12-11 - Mod

[Skyrim] SkyWind

2020-10-26 - Mod

Robotprins Friend Force 2

2020-10-24 - Audio

Sweet Victory

2020-07-25 - Audio

Fourteen Four

2020-07-03 - Audio

Final Release

2020-03-06 - Game


2020-02-20 - Audio

カワイイチップチューン VS カッコイイチップチューン 対決コンピレーション -Cute side-

Hey Sandy

2019-11-30 - Audio

YMCK Family Circus

2019-11-04 - Audio

[LD-45] Coinbold

2019-10-07 - Game Jam

I'm on the Horn

2019-07-30 - Audio

[LD-44] Gimme Your Heart

2019-04-19 - Game Jam

[LD-44] Life Vac

2019-04-19 - Game Jam

Are We the Baddies?

2019-03-03 - Audio

光のチップチューンVS闇のチップチューン 対決コンピレーション -Dark Side-

New Girl

2018-12-19 - Audio

I can't Surf

2018-12-19 - Audio


2018-09-28 - Audio

Planet Panic

2018-02-11 - Youtube


The Solus Project

2016-06-08 - Game


2016-02-18 - Game

Black Mesa Hazard Course

2015-12-29 - Mod

Rinse and Repeat [NSFW]

2015-07-01 - Game

Multiplayer trailer release

2015-05-05 - Press

Tactical Intervention

2013-10-08 - Game

End of the Line Trailer

2013-08-29 - Youtube

Black Mesa Mod release

2012-09-14 - Mod

Sonic 2 HD

2012-03-27 - Game

Sven Co-op

2012-01-01 - Game

Nuclear Dawn

2011-09-27 - Game

[HL] Halfquake Sunrise

2011-02-04 - Mod

The Ball

2010-10-27 - Game

[HL2] Strider Mountain

2009-09-13 - Mod

[HL2] Handle With Care

2009-07-17 - Mod

[HL2] Mission Improbable

2009-07-01 - Mod

[ModDB] Mod Of The Year 2008 Winners

2009-03-02 - Press

Guest Presenter

Spaghetti Police!

2008-10-02 - Youtube

Penumbra: Requiem

2008-08-27 - Game

[HL2] Project Valkyrie

2008-01-30 - Mod

Penumbra: Overture

2007-03-30 - Game

[HL2] Eternal Silence

2007-03-01 - Mod


2007-01-16 - UT2004

An underwater facility, named after a jazz album


2007-01-09 - UT2004

This is a true beta map, no zones or weapon pickups, but it still plays well in TAM, and still exists on servers. It was designed to be super retro like early descent maps


2006-09-03 - UT2004

The Night Version of Pipeworks. I photographed and stitched a brand new skydome, and added the goo gun


2006-07-04 - UT2004

The official remake of the ever popular Pipeworks-002, which started life as a massive hit -- before it got past the blockout stage.


2005-12-09 - UT2004

The layout is 5 large boxes divided into two floors. All the rooms and colors make the layout easy to remember. Features the first use of a blacklight in a map I think.


2005-11-01 - UT2004

This map is nearly complete. It was my second TAM contest entry, which didn't make the cut alongside FiveBoxes. I just never released it after the contest, but it is still very playable.


2005-03-02 - UT2004

This is a 'Trick Jump' map. The object is to get to the other side, and the pits get wider as you progress. This map will help train you in using the shield gun to boost off of walls.


2005-02-21 - UT2004

Two maps 'sketches' that I ended up fusing together. The lighting was crafted in order to simulate radiosity.


2005-02-21 - UT2004

Not much to say about it. It's pretty yellow.


2004-03-20 - UT2004

This was a remake of the UT2003 version of CTF-Checkmate that plagued all the CTF InstaGib servers at the time; and that map is a remake of a UT99 map, which is a remake of a Red Faction Original. I didn't know what I was getting myself into.


2003-09-10 - UT2004

I was inspired to make a giant indoor space like the mines of Moria. This went through so many revisions, and it has so many BSP errors. This is not the real final version, just the last one I released.


2003-09-10 - UT2004

A planned update to DM-Terse


2001-09-27 - UT99